Think outside the box​​​​​​​
Stay out of safety and boring zone!
Start thinking something very randomly and give attention to something you never bother.
Sometimes the smallest thing can give the biggest impact, you never know!
Is hard to think a totally new idea or differently from others,
but never stop thinking and challenge your limit every time!
Children have the most powerful imagination in my opinion.
The difference between adult and kid imagination was reality and fantasy.
Reality imagination will only satisfy your needs and greed, but fantasy imagination
able to create mountain jelly or flying dinosaur. That's why I often interact with children or
even try to become one of them. Is good to be childish sometime because
you can think without logic at the moment.
Is that an octopus in an aquarium or a huge alien in space? Why does the Saturn planet 
spinning that way? How many rounds does the turtle swim? Always make yourself
full of questions because that's how you constantly learning. Curious about everything even
on the fact that you already knew because that's when you start do deep thinking.
The answer to your questions doesn't always have to be right, sometimes we create our
own answer to our question.
Stay hungry doesn't mean you physically starve yourself but
maintain the will to achieve something. How hungry are you to achieve this results or idea?
When you're full, most people just too lazy to do anything or do it later.
But 'staying hungry'  will eventually make you think of survival or solutions.
Therefore, keep that 'hunger' attitude to consistently learning and ​​​​​​​achieve something.

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